Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Sweets ~  

AF Strawberry Jam & Cream Cheese Dessert
AF Apples with Cinnamon and Nutmeg
AF Cinnamon Sugar Apple Slices by Maryellen
AF Donuts by Jax and Vangie 
AF Meyer Lemon Cake by Linda
AF Strawberry Treats by Linda 
AF Swerve Apples by Linda
AF S’Mores by Charlie
AF Apple Hand Pies by Mary  
AF Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit Donuts by Amy 
AF Yellow Mini Loaf Cake by Linda 
AF Yellow Cake Cupcakes by Linda
AF Gluten Free Cake by Maggie
AF Mini Snickers by Mary  
AF Mini Apple Dumplings by Carole 
AF Apple Pie by ‎Tracy
AF Peach Crisp by ‎Denise
AF Martha White Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins 
AF Creme Brulee Sandwich Cookies by ‎Bebe
AF Pop Tube Cinnamon Rolls by ‎Kelli 
AF Apple Turnovers by Carmen  
AF Caramel Apple Cupcake Muffins by Linda
AF Simple Pumpkin Muffins by Carole 
AF Pillsbury Flaky Real Cherry Turnovers by Kelli
AF Spice Cake Mix Muffins by ‎Karen  
AF Sugar Free Cinnamon Swirl Muffins by ‎Nancy
AF Apple Hand Pies by Jessie Rose 
AF Bread Pudding with Maple Syrup Drizzle by Amy
AF Mini Apple Hand Pies by ‎Nancy
AF Rice Pudding by Amy
AF Pumpkin Hand Pies by ‎Amy
AF Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples by ‎Amy 
AF Apple Hand Pie by ‎Rhona
AF Wonton Wrapped Mars Bars by ‎Kelly
AF Lemon Mini Pound Cakes with Drizzle by Mary 
AF Mini Apple Tarts by Betty
AF Mini Apple Pies by ‎Suzanne
AF Campfire Banana, Chips & Marshmallows by Michelle
*AF Perfect Size Chocolate Lover's Cake by Sherry
*AF Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding by Amy
AF "Donuts" By Bebe 
AF Chocolate Graham Cracker “S’more” By Jennifer
AF Homemade Pop Tarts By Denise 
AF Cherry Hand Pies By Denise
AF Apple Pie With Cinnamon Glaze By Shirley 
AF Blueberry Puff Pastry Dessert by Denise  
AF Apple Pie Turnovers By Debbie
AF Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies By Kerin 
AF Lemon Cake with Confectioners Sugar Icing by Linda
AF Donuts With Glaze By Billie 
AF Buttermilk Pie By Sidney 
AF Chocolate Cake By ‎Bette
AF Blueberry Scones By Claire  
AF Apple Pie Pockets By Mandy
AF Cherry Pies With Glaze By Laurie 
AF Cherry Pies By Connie
AF Cookie Brownie By ‎Leanne 
AF Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cupcakes B..
AF Skinny Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake By H.
AF Individual Peach Cobbler By Sheryl 
AF Cookies and Ice Cream Bites By Vickie
AF Almond, Dark Chocolate And Coconut Bark By Claire
AF Vanilla And Chocolate Cake Donuts By Suzanne
AF Apple Pie By Claire
AF Paleo Coconut Macaroons By Bc Bernice
AF Biscotti By George
AF Heart Shaped Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze By Suzanne
AF Mini Muffins Blueberry By Julianne
AF Mini Fruit Pies By Patricia 
AF Bread Pudding By Linda
AF Layer Black Forest Cake By Claire
AF Won Ton Cookie Dough Bites By Amy
AF Blueberry Upside Down Lemon Cake Minis By Linda
AF Pumpkin Bar Bites By Suzanne 
AF Cinnamon Coffee Cake By George
AF Pineapple Upside Down Cake Minis By Nancy
AF Apple Crisp By Tim
AF Apple Biscuit Torte By Tim
AF Oreos By Shane
AF Rhubarb Custard Pie By Patty
AF Blueberry Cheesecake Muffins By Suzanne
AF Surprise Inside Mini Loaves And Bundt Cakes By Tim
AF Impossible Lemon Pie Minis By Billie
AF Kodiak Peanut Butter Power Cake By Nicole
AF Apple Dumplings By Beth
AF Lemon Poppy Mini Cakes And Blueberry Muffin Donuts By Suzanne
AF Sour Cream Apple Fritters By Kim
AF Mini Apple Pies By Tim
AF Donuts By Kim
AF Pound Cake With Minis By Patty
AF Pineapple Puffs By Judy
AF Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies By Craig
AF Beignets By Craig
AF Blueberry Coconut Coffee Cake By Mary
AF Mini Cherry Pie By Kim
AF Sugar Dusted Apple Bundt Cake By Denise
AF Cake By Debbie
AF Small Batch Sugar Cookies By Craig
AF Peanut Butter Cookies By Mary
AF Snickerdoodles By Judy
AF Mini Devil’s Food Mint Chocolate Cake By Kim
AF Apple Crisp II By Tim
AF Beignet Battered Oreos By Craig
AF Apple Pie By Pat
AF Oreos By Kimberly
AF Orange Vanilla Pound Cake By Linda
AF Churro Bites By Suzanne
AF Glazed Apple Fritters By Craig
AF Cheesecake By Judy
AF Mini Chocolate Chip Loaves By Lauren
AF Pumpkin Spice Cake By Suzanne
AF Fresh Fruit, Strawberry Pound Cake By Linda
AF New York Cheesecake By Lee Ann
AF Wildberry Muffins By Shirley
AF Refrigerator Dough Chocolate Chip Cookies By Sarah
AF Pumpkin Spice Cake By Cindy
AF Cinnamon Streusel Muffins By Sonjia
AF Blueberry Muffins By Shirley
AF Small Batch Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes by Robyn
AF Nutella Souffle by George
AF Blueberry Crumble by Suzanne
AF Coconut Egg Custard by Craig
AF Layer Cake by Sarah
AF Small Batch Coconut Macaroon by Craig
AF Apple Hand Pies by Lee Ann
AF Crustless, No Sugar Added, Pumpkin Pie by Judy
AF Baked Apple Crisp by Suzanne
AF Small Batch Chocolate Cobbler by Craig
AF Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake by Suzanne
AF Bananas Foster by Craig
AF Pumpkin Cake by Martha
AF Small Batch Shortbread Cookies by Craig
AF Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies by Michelle
AF Rustic Apple Pie by Linda
AF Banana Cake by Judy
AF Crescent Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by Adric
AF German Chocolate Cake by Kathy
AF Crescent Pumpkin Pie Twists by Mary Ann
AF Individual Cherry Cobblers by Lee Ann
AF Red Velvet Cupcakes by Nita
AF Flourless Peanut Butter Oat Cookies by George
AF Brownie and Cookie Bake by Linda
AF Bacon Pecan Cinnamon Rolls by Judy
AF Almond Joy Magic Cookie Bars by Tim
AF Sweet Nutty Bake by Judy
AF Orange Banana Bread with Orange Vanilla Glaze by Linda
AF Apple Fritters by Amy
AF Millionaire Brownie Cake by Nita
AF Homemade Baklava by Sharmen
AF Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing by Lee Ann
AF Cinnamon Apple Rolls by Ronda
AF Mini Apple Tarts by Myra
AF Cherry Shortcake by Robyn
AF Protein Cookies by Michelle
AF Cake Donuts by Nita
AF Peach Cobbler by Janet
AF Cinnamon Pecan Banana Cake by Lee Ann
AF White Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pie by Karen
AF Mini S’Mores Pies by Heather
AF Apple Cobbler by Mary
AF Caramelized Peach Cobbler Eggrolls and AF Caramelized Banana Wraps by Renee
AF Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing by Lee Ann
AF Cinnamon Spiced Biscuit Roll by Domenic
AF Cherry Cream Cheese Danish by Lee Ann
AF Apple Pie with Gluten Free Crust by Andrew
AF Salted Caramel Butter Cake by Domeni
AF Red Velvet Cake Donuts by Nita
AF Small Batch Great One Peanut Butter Cookies by Craig