Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sandwiches, Wraps

AF Grilled Ham & Cheese with Sweet Potato
AF Toasted Cheese Sandwiches on Italian Br...
AF Low-Carb Salami Cheese Wraps by Simone
AF Grilled Cheese Sandwich by ‎Patricia
AF Open Faced Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwich by Michelle 
AF Egg, Cheese, Tomato, Shallot & Mushroom Breakfast by ‎Yvonne
AF Turkey, Swiss & Cranberry on Texas Toast by Anna
AF/HO Toasted Cheese on Italian Bread by ‎Mary
*AF Grilled Cheese by Beverly
*AF Grilled Cheese by Sylvia 
AF Ham and Cheese Pinwheels By Bebe 
AF Homemade Meat And Cheese Hot Pockets By Jayme
AF Hot Pockets By Becky  
AF Cheesy Grilled Cheese Sandwich By Laurie 
AF Pastrami Sandwich By Felicia  
AF Rachel Sandwich (aka Roast Turkey Reuben) by Lee 
AF Open Faced Sandwiches By Michelle
AF Sausage And Pepper Hoagie With Sweet Potato Puffs By Lee Ann
AF Meatless Parmesan Meatball Subs By Claire
AF Cheesy, Turkey Quesadilla By Amy
AF Basil Chicken Zucchini Wrap By George
AF Steak and Cheese Sandwich By Tim
AF BLT Flatbread Wraps By Vivian
AF Sandwiches By Judy
AF Ham, Salami And Provolone Grilled Cheese Sandwich By Eloisa
AF BBQ Pork Loin Sandwiches And Fries By Tim
AF Marinated Steak, Onion and Cheese Wraps By Tim
AF Homemade Ground Chicken Pattie Sandwich With Cheese By Mary
AF Tomato Melt By Judy
AF BBQ Smoked Chicken Wraps And Loaded Baked Potato Salad By Tim
AF Crouque Monsieur By Craig
AF Grilled Cheese And Bacon Sandwich By Lee Ann
AF Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Bacon And Tomato By Glenn 
AF Reuben Sandwich By Lisa
AF Tortilla Wrapped Chicken With Hoisin Sauce By George
AF Pulled Pork Wraps By Tim
AF Croque Madame (Baked Ham Sandwich with Ham by Craig