Monday, August 20, 2018


Meat ~

AF Weight Watchers Stuffed Peppers by Wanda
AF Stuffed Red Peppers by Kimberly 
AF Stew and Biscuits by Kathy
AF Beef Pot Roast
AF Chuck Roast & Green Bean Casserole
AF Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash with Meatloaf by Kathy 
AF PreSeasoned Tri-Tip Steak by ‎Tammy  
AF Oven Rotisserie Kabobs by ‎Gladys
AF BBQ Ribs by ‎Tween 
AF Beef Rib Roast by Roxi 
AF Beef Liver by Mary Elizabeth
AF London Broil by Tammy  
AF Bacon Wrapped Fillets & Baked Potato Birthday Dinner by Kathy
AF Bacon Wrapped Rib-Eye by Heidi 
AF Oven Bag Tail of the Rump with Seasoned Veggies by ‎Rose 
AF Country Fried Steaks by Melissa  
AF Eye of the Round Roast by ‎Bonnie
AF St.Louis Style Ribs by Peggy 
AF Halogen Black Angus Beef Bottom Round Roast by Linda
AF Spam Fries by Carole
AF Eye of the Round Roast by Kathy
AF Cavender’s Seasoned Chuck Shoulder Roast by Andra
AF Garlic Seasoned Marinated Chuck Roast by Lily
AF Baby Potatoes & London Broil by Amy 
AF London Broil by Helga
AF Shepards Pie By Vickie
AF Salisbury Steak And AF Steamed Cabbage by Victoria 
AF Vietnamese Shaking Beef By George 
AF Liver And Onions By Sylvia  
AF Tri Tip Roast By Sheila 
AF Seasoned Tri Tip Roast By Tammy
AF Samosas (Premade) By Michelle 
AF BBQ Baby Back Ribs By Gennell  
AF JalapeƱo Spam With Potatoes And Onions by Michelle 
AF Shepherd’s Pie By Sherry 
AF Big Mac By Debbie
AF Fresh Ground Beef Patties By Rebecca
AF Chuck Roast By Linda 
AF Stuffed Bell Peppers By Denise  
AF Beef And Vegetables By Carrie
AF Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Sweet Pepp..
AF Frozen Stuffed Bell Peppers By Cheryl R...
AF BBQ Ribs By Michelle Aday Terry 
AF Broccoli Beef By George
AF Top Round Roast By Thomas TJ 
AF Premade Beef Florentine Pinwheels, Garlic, Asparagus And Mushroom Rice By Claire
AF Low-Carb Johnny Mazzetti Style Stuffed Peppers By Samantha
AF Beef And Vegetable Kebabs By Dandy 
AF Stuffed Peppers By Tami
AF Stuffed Cabbage Rolls By Tami
AF Stuffed Peppers By Jennifer
AF Sirloin Roast With Mushroom Sauce And Corn On The Cob By Michele
AF Sweet And Spicy Beef Jerky By Suzanne
AF Prime Rib Roast By Linda
AF Parmesan Shepherd's Pie By Tatiana
AF Homemade Salisbury Steak By Tim
AF Corned Beef By Linda
AF Bottom Round Roast, Potatoes And Onions With Corn On The Cob By Tim
AF Spiral Ham with Baked Taters by Dawn
AF Hickory Smoked Ham Slices & Russet Potatoes by ‎Micki
AF Asian Style Stuffed Beef Rolls By Lily
AF Stuffed Peppers By Sherry
AF Chuck Roast By Janet
AF Chicken Fried Steaks By ‎Kevin
AF Mongolian Beef By George
AF Mongolian Beef By Craig
AF Prime Rib Roast By Michelle
AF Sirloin Kabobs By Suzanne
AF Fried Beef Ribs By Michelle
AF Beef Stroganoff By Craig
AF Beef Chuck Roast By Carol
AF Beef Tips By Yvonne
AF Hamburger Hobo Packs By Craig
AF Hamburger Hobo Dinner Packs By Lee Ann
AF Tater Tot Casserole By Shirley
AF Sirloin Tip Beef Roast By Linda
AF Chuck Roast By Molly
AF Roast with Potatoes and Vegetables by Tim
AF Tater Tot Casserole Plus by Judy
AF One Pan, "No Boil" Beef Stroganoff by Craig
AF Homemade Chicken Fried Steak by Mary
AF Cheesy Mashed Potato Topped Hamburger and Vegetable Pie by Tim