Sunday, July 1, 2018

How to Modify Facebook Group and Post Notifications

Facebook has some options in place that allow you to determine how many notifications you receive when you are a member of a closed group.  I created this page to help you decide the level of interaction that is best for you.

(1) Levels of Notifications:


(2) How to turn off notifications for a particular post/thread:

When you want to stop receiving notifications regarding a specific post, click on the 3 dots and select "Turn off notifications for this post". You can do this for threads you created yourself or threads you're following.


(3) You can choose to temporarily step-away from the group entirely.

Option A: You can choose to "Unfollow" any group. You will remain a member, but not receive any type of notifications from the group. 

Option B: If you select "Leave Group", you will be removed from the group entirely. This is the least favorable option for a closed group as you would need to submit a new application and have it approved for readmittance to the group.