Friday, August 24, 2018

Chips, Bites, Spears, Snacks

AF Breaded Pickle Spears by Jackie
AF Chickpeas by Maryellen
AF Oven Snack Mix by ‎Antoinette
AF Healthy Sweet Potato Chips by Cynthia
AF Kick'n Chicken Seasoned Kidney Bean Snack by ‎Katie 
AF Frozen Bagel Bites by Amy
*AF Kroepoek Crackers by France
*AF Breaded Pickles by Brittany 
AF Maple Almond Granola By Eva 
AF Stuffed Banana Peppers by Kathy
AF Waffle Fries, Bacon 'n Chicken, Mac ‘n Cheese Bites & Lil’ Smokies with Cheese by ‎Amy
AF Fried Pickles By Tina  
AF Crisp And Spicy Roasted Chickpeas By Bonnie 
AF Frozen Mozzerella Cheese Sticks and Jal..
AF Potato Chips By Julianne 
AF Zucchini Chips By Julianne 
AF Tortilla Cinnamon And Sugar Crisps By
AF Spicy Peppered Peanuts By George 
AF Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks By Jason
AF Pretzels And Pretzel Bites By Pam
AF Sweet and Spicy Sesame Walnuts By George
AF Sweet Potato Chips By Sharon
AF Roasted Edamame By George
AF Pita Chips By Dena
AF Plantains By Sheldon 
AF Seasoned, Crunchy Chick Peas By Claire
AF Kale Chips By Chelsee
AF Sausage Balls By Craig
AF Cheese Crisps By Vickie
AF Tortilla Chips By Sylvia
AF Zucchini Chips By Julianne
AF Toasted Walnuts By Brook 
AF Honey Roasted Cashews By Cheryl
AF Granola By Bc Bernice
AF Breaded Zucchini By Michelle
AF Homemade Cheese Sticks II By Tim